Who we are:

We are a dynamic team of professionals who work together in the composite and the aircraft industry for over 20 years, designing and building aircraft.
One of our signature aircraft is the Corvus Racer 540, specifically designed for the Red Bull Air Race series. Also, we designed and built five models of light-sport aircraft and sold them worldwide with an excellent safety record.

Over the years, we have carried out several successful technology transfers.

Six years ago, our team integrated our knowledge and expertise in aviation and explored the new commercial drone market. As a result, we designed all electronics, intelligent battery systems, and a full carbon airframe for our drones.

We started taking advantage of our automotive industry knowledge about four years ago. Our idea was to integrate aviation technologies into a high-end EV, but unlike most “modern-looking” cars, we would like to keep the original and classy curves.

Cobera Automotive’s first exhibition was at the UK Goodwood Speed Festival 2018. Then, in early November 2021, it was shown at the Las Vegas SEMA Show and the Los Angeles LA Auto Show.

In spring 2022, we made our debut at the New York International Auto Show, with great success.

We received a vast audience and confirmation from the market at all three shows.

So we believe that combining high tech, clean energy, and classy designs and giving driving sensation back to drivers is well accepted by the market.




2023 November 15-19 China High Tech Fair, Shenzhen, China