Manufactured by Cobera Motors Hungary – the team behind the Corvus
Racer Red Bull and Breitling aerobatic aircraft – the C300 is designed and
built to aero-nautical grade standards.

The concept evolved from an aviation man’s dream – to express his
passion for classic automobiles in the new era of electric technology.

power up to

447 KW


Dual motor Torque on four wheels

Weight-Power Ratio


0-100 Km/H
0-62 MPH

Combining cutting-edge technology with iconic style, Cobera Automotive
Inc. reveals an all-new, ‘fully electric’ classic car, the C300. Inspired
by the legendary Shelby AC Cobra, the C300 replicates its period
features and timeless iconic style while integrating innovative electric power
zero-emission technology and current-day hi-precision engineering. The C300
transcends a beautiful classic into the modern world.

New integrated technologies – such as 2WD or 4WD options, a simulated
sequential 5 speed gearbox or direct drive unit with Eco / Standard / Sport
modes, optional Cobera body sound system make the C300 unique in its class.

Designed and assambled in USA, C300 – the first in a series of classic electric cars
from Cobera Automotive Inc.

The heart of the C300 is the purpose-built electric powertrain and our own vehicle management system, which allows for user-selectable drive modes and, for the enthusiast, the future ability to have the many adjustable power delivery parameters – output power, throttle curves, motor Fr/R balance, etc. – to deliver the ultimate driving experience and the possibility to turn the C300 into a future electric classic race series contender.

The aviation designed structure of the C300 chassis gives the
perfect balance between rigidity, strength, weight and the
lightweight High temperature resistant carbon-fiber PrePreg body shell construction contributes to the C300’s incredibly light on the road weight and ballistically quick performance 0-62mph (0-100kph) in 2,7 secs.

A classic car needs the luxurious interior and instrumentation to match its heritage, and the C300 delivers on both.

Its beautiful leather upholstery, ornaments, and carpets come in standard or custom colors. To offer greater customization and exclusivity, the C300 can house analog instrumentation, maintaining the most purist aesthetic or the most futuristic version, with the option of fully customizable displays.

Our aim at Cobera Automotive is to unite the iconic style and undeniable romance of the Classic Cobra with the newest and most efficient technology of today. Meet the new C300.

The stylish C300 can morph into a high-performance sports car instantaneously. We achieve this by combining aesthetics with high performance. A unique engine mount in the C300 allows for torque up to 1000 NM.

Immersion cooling system
• In good thermal properties, the lithium-ion battery cells in the nonconductive immersion fluid achieve extremely high power output and charge rates with an extended lifetime.
• The battery pack achieves ultra-high discharge rates of up to 2,800 amps.
• Improved heat transfer also enables much faster charging. In addition, the system is compatible with fast charging systems, achieving charging rates of up to 280 amps.
Extended Battery Life
• Improvements in temperature uniformity prevent the battery from deteriorating, allowing up to 800 charge cycles.
Self fire-suppression
• The system has fire-suppression and self-extinguishing properties.
• The special immersion fluid immediately dissipates any heat from thermal runaway or damage, whether through defective cells or crush/penetration.
Built-in BMS and heating system
• Fast and safe balancing functions module built-in heating units help keep the battery in the best operating condition.